Measuring Time/Diet in the life of me!

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The Tape Measures back out!

It is important to know both where you are – and where you’re headed! – Was featured in my last ‘Measuring Time’ themed post. And that is exactly what were are going to do today, see where I am at the minute, where I am going and how I plan to get there! Whilst also looking at how I got here:

Grrr Arm Day

So, let’s get down to business. Below is a comparison of last time, 8 weeks, up to now.

Comparisons – 8 weeks

Summary – After having 2 weeks off gym in this period and a holiday, I am pleased with gains in most areas and a 2kg weight increase. Every little bit of progress helps. I have got here by following the workout I previously stated in the last measuring time post and the diet I outlined in my previous 2-3-2 diet post.

In terms of diet, I thought it would come in handy if I put together what I eat on a typical ‘big’ day.

8am – Toasted Bagel and Grenade Chocolate Protein Spread.
10am – Mass Gainer shake (half serving)
12am – Chicken fillet with cauliflower rice.
2pm – 2 hard boiled eggs.
4pm – Tin of tuna with mayonnaise and sweetcorn.
6pm – GYM
7:30pm – Haddock, potato, kale, tomato.
9:30pm – Mass Gainer shake (half serving)
(Snacks – Babybel cheese, Alpro Soya yoghurt)

This totals about 3000 calories, and roughly 180 grams

I find that this is the perfect amount of food I need to feel energised, strong, slowly gaining weight, whilst not feeling overly full/sick. I match this with 3-4 litres of water a day and at least 7 hours sleep. Give a similar diet/plan a try.

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