Body type, shmody type?

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Do body types exist? Some naysayers will argue that they do not, and we can be whatever body type we want to be, depending on what we eat and how we exercise. I can tell you – this is only partly true, whilst anyone can be whatever they want to be, it does not require the same steps for everyone to get there. Body types very much exist. So, strap in, let’s get started.

Ectomorph (me):
Common Features – Long limbs, thin wrists, narrow shoulders, often tall, low body fat, small chest and glutes, ‘skinny build’, struggle gaining weight, fast metabolism.
Pro’s – Little worry of gaining significant amounts of fat in early years. Does not require hours in the gym per session to see results (40-60 minute workouts are perfect for ectomorphs). Often have high energy levels.
Con’s – Difficulty in putting on muscle mass. Genetics not favoured for bodybuilding. Can gain fat in later life due to having relied on fast metabolism previously. Have to work harder than others to see results. Have to eat A LOT of the right foods to gain weight.

Common Features – Athletic build, naturally muscular, naturally strong, significant chest, V shaped for males, hourglass for women, gains muscle extremely quickly.
Pro’s – Mainly speaks for itself: Ease of gaining muscle, natural strength, athletic qualities.
Con’s – Just as easy as it is to gain muscle, it is to gain fat. However, a mesomorph should be able to get back in shape pretty quickly with regular exercise.

Common Features – Body typically carries extra fat, strong (particularly upper legs), fluctuating weight, large appetite, broad shoulders.
Pro’s – With correct diet and exercise, an endomorph can have an impressive mesomorph figure. ‘Converting the fat to muscle’ – the endomorph has the size advantage that an ectomorph is after.
Con’s – The main negative of being an endomorph is the ease in which fat is gained.

I mentioned in my last post how it is frustrating when non-ectomorphs who have enviable physiques, are convinced they are natural ectomorphs who used to be super skinny. Yes – it is possible to have been a skinny mesomorph. Just as it is possible to have an overweight ectomorph. But after a month of solid training, the mesomorph would have seen more gains than the ectomorph – which is mainly what defines your body type. So unfortunately, it is true that ectomorphs have to eat more and train more to see the same results (not that I’m bitter…)

Hopefully, you now have more of an idea on what body type you are. Whilst this blog is mainly going to be about Ectomorph’s, and turning them into Pectomorph’s with bulging chests… we will be exploring all body types throughout, with some great tips and advice along the way.

I hope this was useful. Any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch on any of the platforms on this page.

Have a fantastic day!