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Background – I am a 22 year old male from England, UK. The fact that I have technically being training since I was 18 needs a little context. I would say I have been training properly for about 6 months, beginning my journey at 6ft 3 and 70kg. This is made up of a lot of time making many mistakes myself. As a reader, it puts you in the fortunate position that I have lots of best practise to share, particularly for ‘hard-gaining’ ectomorphs. Below is a photo of me a when I was around 20 years old – Yes I was technically training in this picture, but with no idea what I was doing (clearly).

I guess the main purpose of the cringey self-deprecating throwback is to emphasise that I am a ‘true’ ectomorph.
I lost count of the amount of times I asked a guy with a good physique if they used to be ‘skinny’. The usual answer is “so skinny, skinnier than you” and then they show you a photo where they had abs and the clear frame potential of a great physique.

Below is a photo of me now. I’m by no means big, but I am getting there, I’m still 6ft 3 (no surprises there) but am currently sitting at 86kg and I know exactly what I have done to get there and where I’m heading.

I’m not a Personal Trainer, I don’t have any sports science qualifications. I am just an honest guy who has stumbled his way through feeling more confident filling out my t-shirts and plans on growing more – who wants to make other people like me, feel stronger and better about themselves.

If this sounds like a journey you want to be part of, welcome aboard! Feel free to contact me on any of the platforms listed at the top of this post – say hello!

Thanks for reading – have a great day.


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